Adult Education

The institute organizes evening courses for adults

  • Courses divided into "short weeks", from Monday to Friday

  • Path to graduation in three years

  • Flexible schedule

  • For those who cannot move from home... even online lessons

  • Computer laboratories

  • Electronics laboratories

  • Classrooms equipped with Lim

  • Recognition of the school years you thought were lost

Iti, course in Computer Systems and Telecommunications

Programming, home automation, robotics, networks, business design...

Cat, Construction, Environment and territory, the new surveyors

Draftsman, designer, construction site technician, surveyor in public administrations...

For more information you can contact:

The Technology Center (tel. 0564 484511 - email:

Prof. Claudio Paoli (mail:

Prof. Gianfrancesco Santagati (email: