Orientation activities


At the end of the current school year, the teachers of the Mechanics and Computer Science department carried out orientation activities at the middle schools of the municipality of Grosseto. In particular, the teachers went to the Giovanni Pascoli, Dante Alighieri and Galileo Galilei secondary schools where they carried out a series of laboratory activities.

As regards the Department of Mechanics, Prof. Vincenzo Iacobone and almost four hundred students created a cardboard biplane model representing the famous biplane that the ace Francesco Baracca flew. It was explained how to create it using Solidworks 2023, which is an advanced parametric mechanical design solid modeling program; Our institute purchases 60 licenses for educational use annually. The model was cut using a laser and assembled following the instructions in the assembly manual.

After the laboratory, the activities of the entire center and future job opportunities were illustrated, with the PCTO program, and those for orientation towards engineering universities. At the end, the problem relating to the fight against bullying was also addressed, whose contact person is Prof. Annalisa Grippa.

The teacher was assisted by the pupils of class 3 EN Edoardo Pieraccini, Tommaso Turchi, Christian Guerrieri, Matteo Lambertini Brescia, Leonardo Caporali and Alessandro Ferraro.

For the Department of Computer Science, professors Luisa Guerrini, Antonella Minacci and Sabrina Giuliano, together with professors Matteo Ceserani and Marco Cristaldi, guided the students in engaging Coding sessions. The students of class 3AIA, Francesco Laudizi, Tommaso Pellegrini, Gabriele Oreste Pompò and Alessandro Sechi presented the ordinary course of studies, showing some work carried out during the year and accompanied the middle school students in solving the problems proposed.

The students of the third Web Specialist, a curvature of the course in which computer science is taught in English through the CLIL approach, also introduced the concept of artificial intelligence, arousing great interest and curiosity among young viewers.

During these activities, ample space was also given to the participation of girls, with particular attention to the Technology Center's SteamGIRLS project. The aim was to promote female interest and participation in science and technology. The girls demonstrated great passion and ability in the field of IT, actively contributing to coding activities and showing notable talent in learning artificial intelligence.