The “Manetti-Porciatti” Technological Center is a technical institute with four main addresses, six branches with five options and two evening courses. A substantial number of projects enriches the already broad educational offering and allows students to go beyond the school walls through internship activities abroad or participation in various types of national and international competitions. The school offers its students adequate basic preparation in all subjects, with particular attention to those of a technical-scientific nature. At the end of their studies, students have the necessary skills to build their future: continue their studies at university, specialize through training courses or enter the world of work. The PCTO and orientation activities carried out by the school are aimed at accompanying students in the post-diploma choice best suited to the individual. Over the years, the school has established links with bodies and associations to build a curriculum that responds to the demands of the area, in order to facilitate the possible entry of its graduates into the world of work. It is important to underline that the “Manetti – Porciatti” Technology Center is the only school in the province of Grosseto capable of issuing the diploma in IT and Telecommunications, required by companies operating in the specific sector. The teaching activity is carried out not only in the classroom but also in the numerous laboratories, so that the student can experiment and put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired, enriching, completing and strengthening their preparation. Laboratory teaching is considered a strong point of the school; technical subjects can count on many hours of laboratory work, carried out in the presence of practical technical teachers, using current, complete and detailed technical equipment. The experience gained in the field of DDI (Integrated Digital Teaching) in the period of national health emergency for Covid 19 has made the new teaching methodologies, through the use of the Google Workspace platform, an integral part of school activities and accessible to all students. classes and teaching staff. The school curriculum places the student at the center and pursues the following main objectives: lifelong learning, personal improvement, development of key citizenship skills, combined with those functional to employment placement.