The “Manetti-Porciatti” Technological Center is a technical institute with four main addresses, six branches with five options and three evening courses, one of which has not yet been activated.

A large number of projects enriches the already broad educational offering and allows students to go outside the school walls to carry out internships abroad or participate in various types of competitions, of a national or international nature.

The Technological Center offers its students adequate basic preparation in all subjects, with particular attention to those of a technical-scientific nature. At the end of their studies, graduates have acquired the skills necessary to choose their future: continuing their studies at university, specializing through training courses or entering the world of work.

To accompany students in their post-diploma choice, the school carries out various orientation activities and, over the years, has linked up with bodies and associations to build a curriculum that responds to local demands and facilitate the integration of its graduates into the world. of work.