BULLOUT: Don't fall into the net... use your head!!

The “Manetti Porciatti” Technology Center is part of the BULLOUT Network and participates in the creation of the Project “Your life is not a #hashtag: we use the Network in a

The first phase of the project took place in the months of November and December and led the students of the Province's institutes to structure questionnaires on Google Forms which were then administered to anonymously monitor knowledge of the phenomenon of cyberbullying and the risks of the internet by students and their families.

The actions then continued at the same time, in the various school levels, with training workshops organized by the “Bullying & Cyberbullying” present in every Institute.

After adequate training, the 2CWS class, divided into four groups, achieved
multimedia presentations on the phenomenon of cyberbullying and the risks associated with an unconscious use of the Internet.

On the occasion of the national week against bullying and cyberbullying and at the conclusion of the BULLOUT Network Project, on February 7th the class participated in a Flashmob against Cyberbullying at the Velodrome, which saw the participation of over 1000 students. During the event the students wore white t-shirts with many different slogans created by the pupils of the primary schools belonging to the Network, to strongly reiterate that this phenomenon is contrasted with awareness and the assumption of responsibility.

In the next few days, the 2CWS students, divided into four groups, will go to the two-year classes to present their digital products and raise awareness among their peers on the topic of cyberbullying, with a view to PEER TO PEER TRAINING.

A poster, created by the students and used as a banner during the
event on February 7th, reports the motto chosen by our kids to summarize the
results of their work…


Below are the digital products that the children will bring to the two-year classes for peer-to-peer training



PRESENTATION cyberbullismo.pdf