Claudio Simoni is the new sporting director of the Polo

We transcribe the article from "" on the new head teacher of the Polo Manetti Porciatti in Grosseto and wish him good work and a long stay.

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Changing of the guard at the Manetti Porciatti Technology Centre. For the fourth time in the space of two years, the control levers change hands and from the teacher   Lucia Reggiani   they reach the professor   Claudio Simoni , in his first management role. “I am an innovative humanist –   it is defined like this   the new head teacher of the Manetti Porciatti Technology Center in Grosseto.

A 58-year-old Roman, he can boast a degree in Literature obtained at La Sapienza in Rome with the professor and philologist Scevola Mariotti and about thirty years of role behind him, part of which was spent behind the desk and another in the function of vice principal. In short, a person dedicated to the school, of which he held all the roles, from the evaluation committee to that of assistant to the director from 1998 until two years ago, when he was at the Classics and Human Sciences high school, Benedetto da Norcia of Rome. A person therefore who experienced the school behind the scenes and then on the front line, knowing it in depth.

I must admit – he comments candidly – that I feel like a student on the first day of school. I'm excited, but with an incredible charge of adrenaline." In fact, he didn't waste even a minute and at the stroke of eight on the first of September he showed up at the headquarters in via Brigate Partigiane, to take up regular service, as did his other newly hired colleagues, and complete the usual formalities.

“Beforehand – he says – I had a meeting with my colleague Reggiani to understand the Technology Center from someone who had lived there for a year. So, as soon as I arrived, I immediately got to work, trying to understand the dynamics and mechanisms that govern this Institute, which I specifically chose. I was fascinated – he admits – by the fact of competing with one of the most innovative realities at a national level. I was aware of his coat of arms achieved in the field and I, of a completely humanistic background but with a strong propensity for innovation, felt the incredible attraction of becoming the helmsman of this reality, so technologically advanced and apparently distant from my mindset. Maybe I needed new stimuli, the search for a reality that would bring out the most rational part of myself. For these reasons I firmly believe, and the first contacts demonstrate it, that the Technological Pole is the right school in this sense."

The new manager hopes for growth for himself and that the Technological area becomes an important hub for the city and beyond. “Furthermore – he adds – I hope to be up to the task and to include all areas of the school in this growth. Mine will want to be a shared leadership, although I consider myself a good human resources organizer and above all an expert in conflict management, thanks to my decades of experience as a vicar. A characteristic of mine? Certainly, that of always placing myself in a critical attitude towards myself.”

The theme of inclusion, hardship and the strengthening of excellence is fundamental, a key point that the school has set itself, but also that of being an entity open to the territory and its realities. “Everyone – he concludes – must find a school that is aware and takes into account individual training needs. Of course, the constant change of management does not help growth and stability. For this reason, I reassure you that my stay will be long-lasting."