Teaching continuity with new first year students

The Manetti Porciatti Technological Center establishes a close link with middle schools, in order to establish educational continuity with new students in the first classes

As part of incoming orientation, the Manetti Porciatti Technological Centre, in the wake of educational continuity, organised, for the first time, a meeting reserved for the coordinators of the third and middle classes of the previous school year.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 25 October starting from 3 pm online and from 4.30 pm in person at the three-year course headquarters in via De Barberi 65, the coordinators of the first classes of the Polo will meet their middle school colleagues.

“The idea - explains Professor Teresa Cimino, head of Orientation of the Manetti Porciatti Technological Pole - is to build a path of continuity between the two school cycles that allows the strengthening of educational action and the simultaneous growth of the entire system school. We noticed great interest from schools both in the province and outside, such as Venturina and Montalto di Castro, and they accepted the invitation with enthusiasm. I will say more - adds Professor Cimino -, in some cases, like Albinia and Magliano, despite being from out of town, they preferred to participate in person. ”

“It is the first time that this has happened in these terms in our Institute and I believe it is also the case at provincial level - echoes the school director, Claudio Simoni -. Thanks to the entire Orientation group, we have set ourselves the goal of facilitating the transition of our new students between the different school levels, thanks to the collaboration that I must say we found immediate with our middle school colleagues."

From these meetings, useful indications will emerge to enhance the skills already acquired, so that the children, who have just entered the world of high school, are put in a position to acquire their own learning method and also facilitate their insertion into the new school context.

“We are convinced - concludes the manager of the Manetti Porciatti Technology Center of Grosseto - that this approach will allow us to start a collaboration network that shares the aim of achieving better academic success for each of our students and at the same time aims to combat the hateful phenomenon of school dropout."