From the series, when being in school also means something else

street art 2

Being at school doesn't just mean studying, doing homework or taking tests. Thus the school director of the Polo Manetti Porciatti of Grosseto, Claudio Simoni, in the final moment of the Street Art project organized by the Grosseto Institute, the return of which saw the presentation of panels created in the context of a specific laboratory.

All in collaboration with the L'Altra Citt association, financed by PNRR funds, included in the broader project A school of our own: learning, socialising, growing and to which the street artist Marco Milaneschi made a great contribution.

The director Simoni then underlined how important it is to make the school environment increasingly pleasant for students, organizing activities that can actively involve them. These projects - he added - have the aim of developing transversal skills, such as relational and management skills, which are fundamental for group work and for future experiences outside of school.

Great space was left to the students who presented the three panels created during the project. Each panel represents a different course of study offered by the school, in particular robotics, computer science and mechanics. In the first illustrated a robot man who, characterized by very bright colors, is able to transmit an incredible energy in those who observe him.

The impact of technology on humanity can be seen the second the image of the Earth surrounded by numerous technological devices is reproduced. In the last one, however, some mechanical parts are illustrated, with a particularity; the drawing of an engine made in the shape of a heart, aimed at metaphorically representing the essence of a machine.

With these panels the students demonstrated immense creativity, as well as great teamwork. To document this experience, a video was created by some participants of the videomaking course, managed by industry experts Carlo Settembrini and Andrea Caldelli, all included in the school's training offer.

The panels will be inserted in school environments, giving the opportunity to convey their formidable evocative effect and an intergenerational message to be transmitted to current and future students of the Polo, a school that will certainly be able to offer other interesting growth opportunities.

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