Mechanics visiting SKF

The Manetti Porciatti Technology Center visits SKF, the leading company in the bearings sector.

On Wednesday 23rd the two fourth classes of the specialization of Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy visited the Massa plant, the only Tuscan one, of the multinational specialized in the production of bearings which has 40 industrial sectors, 130 weights, 42 thousand employees and 87 factories, of which 9 in Italy.

The Tuscan one, in Massa, deals with the production of bearings and supports for industrial applications, especially for the agricultural, textile and food sectors and has a production volume of 30 thousand pieces per day, equal to 8 million per year.

The students of the two fourth grades said they were enthusiastic about the experience, having had an undoubtedly significant field experience, accompanied on the visit by the professors, GIovanni Balassone, Valentina Focoso and Carlo Sestini. Marco Antoniotti, Barbara Angeli and Tommaso Spedacci welcomed them to SKF.