Circular economy and green marketing

circular economy
The last appointment of the "Circular Economy and Green Marketing: importance and advantages" course took place on Wednesday 10 May, held by Doctor Vanessa Rusci, professional in the corporate communication and photography sector.
The meetings had as their theme the concepts of the circular economy in line with the objectives set by the inter-ministerial project Saper(e)Consumare which allowed the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center to obtain a loan of €10,000.00 invested in the new IT laboratory for the two-year period and in strengthening the CAT virtual reality laboratory.
The students involved in the course held by Dr. Rusci, in collaboration with Professors Guerrini and Pizzinelli, belong to the 3ET, 4ET and 4EC classes and were guided by the external expert towards the creation of photographic tables from which real sets emerged posing in which to stage mini commercials to raise awareness and promote sustainable consumption.