Polo students visit the Senate


On February 12th the 2B and 2E classes of our Institute spent a day in Rome walking among the institutional buildings.

From the station they in fact reached the Quirinale (in time to witness the changing of the Cuirassiers' guard) on whose square the Palazzo della Consulta, seat of the Constitutional Court, also overlooks. They then moved towards Piazza Montecitorio, passing in front of Palazzo Chigi, seat of the Government, finally reaching the destination of the visit: Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate of the Republic.

The guided tour of the courtyard of honor, of the Sale Maccari, Italia, of the Struzzo, Cavour and, finally, of the Parliamentary Chamber, gave the children the opportunity to delve into the historical aspects of the palace and the institution of the Senate and to concretely understand how the works are carried out inside.

Teachers and students were honored to be able to sit in the seats of very high personalities such as Carlo Rubbia, Renzo Piano, Liliana Segre.