Polo students visiting companies

93 students from 5 classes hosted by the Toniolo, Lauria, Elmu, Eurovinil, Noxerior and Toscano companies

An initiative of the My Path Pcto project financed by the Tuscany Region and promoted by the school with the partners Assoservizi and the Grosseto Construction School

As graduation approaches, and therefore crucial choices for the future, the Manetti-Porciatti technological center in Grosseto has involved third, fourth and fifth year students in a course for transversal skills and orientation. The My PC path project at the Manetti-Porciatti technological hub, financed by the Tuscany Region, sees the educational institution as the leader and Assoservizi, the training agency of Confindustria Toscana Sud, and the Grosseto construction school as partners. One of the initiatives was a visit to some companies. Today, Friday 22 March, 72 students from the four classes IV Electrotechnics, Electronics, IT and telecommunications and Web specialists were guests of the Elmu, Eurovinil, Noxerior and Toscano companies in the Punto Zero Area, the manufacturing hub in via Genova; the previous day, Thursday 21 March, the 21 students of class IV Construction, environment and territory had visited the Toniolo and Lauria companies.

The project brings students closer to the world of business and qualifies the school training offer, proposing a dual objective: on the one hand to respond to the workforce needs of companies and on the other to orient young people's post-diploma choices towards technical training that favors STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), with a view to development oriented towards a 5.0 economy.

There is a deep connection between schools and businesses he states Giovanni Mascagni , head of the Grosseto delegation of Confindustria Toscana Sud and director of the Assoservizi training agency and this bond must always be strengthened and nourished by moments of meeting and discussion which are aimed at accompanying students in discovering their own aptitudes and passions. We can achieve this objective thanks to the availability of local businesses which, by opening up to the world of schools, can raise awareness of the reality of today's work and share the possible employment opportunities.

The paths for transversal skills declares the school director Claudio Simoni they have represented, since the institution of what was at the time the school-work alternation, a valid connection for our technical institute with the territory and its varied working reality. Over time, collaborative relationships have been consolidated which have given further life to the teaching methodology applied within our school, which is aimed at translating theoretical knowledge into a practical and updated sense. This network of relationships with the local working world, and the trade associations that represent the business sectors towards which the study directions of the technological center are most suited, has allowed us to develop increasingly complex and better articulated projects, to the in order to allow our students to experience an effective path of self-awareness of their skills, capable of culminating in a valid orientation towards the work and training opportunities that await new graduates. The project 'My PC path at Manetti Porciatti, financed by the Tuscany Region, is the most recent and most structured example that has been organized so far: it involves the three-year period of three addresses of the technological center and combines themes linked to training on safety and health in workplaces with business education, formulation of a curriculum vitae also in English, self-assessment of skills in terms of orientation and direct experience in the company, as is happening this morning. It is a winning formula born from a now consolidated synergy with efficient and reliable partners such as Assoservizi and the Grosseto construction school.

The close collaboration between businesses and the scholastic world declares Giuseppe Biagioli , director of the Grosseto construction school, plays a crucial role in ensuring a dynamic transition of students towards the world of work. Training and orientation paths are essential because they offer students a concrete opportunity to explore different careers, gain practical experience and develop the skills necessary to be successful in their future professional path. The concrete commitment and support of consolidated and structured companies in our area further facilitates the path, offering a precious perspective on the knowledge required for today's world of work. In this context, bilateral bodies in the construction system play a crucial role in acting as a bridge between businesses and educational institutions, being central in facilitating dialogue between two distinct but interconnected worlds.