The children of 2C WS meet the pupils of the first level schools

Some students of the last year of the lower secondary school of Grosseto and its province, together with their teachers and parents, were welcomed by the students of the second class, Computer Science and Telecommunications - Web Specialist, at the two-year headquarters in Via dei Barberi , who presented the Manetti Porciatti Technological Polo, each considering their own personal experience.


The visit continued with the discovery of the school spaces and the classrooms used as laboratories, where the
lower secondary school students were involved by the Institute's students in experiential activities in the disciplines of chemistry and physics, putting into practice some notions learned during the school year.

The students of the second Web Specialist were welcoming towards the visitors, proud of the chosen study path and enthusiastic in sharing their knowledge and skills. They also described the various educational activities and projects in which they are involved, underlining the importance of laboratory teaching and the use of modern technologies in the field of information technology and telecommunications and, finally, explained the concepts in a clear and passionate way. scientific and technological basis of the laboratory activities, arousing the interest and curiosity of those present.

The incoming orientation initiative provided pupils in their final year of lower secondary school with a unique opportunity to explore a specific course of study and to obtain direct information from those who are already attending it.

These types of experiences are of fundamental importance in helping students make informed choices about their educational and professional future.

The parents and teachers present expressed appreciation for the initiative which allowed them to support their children in a delicate moment of choice and thanked the Institute for the warm welcome, the significant activities tested and the illustrated educational proposals.