The Polo kids leaving for the Erasmus+ experience

The Grosseto Technology Center is ready to give life to a new and exciting chapter of the Erasmus+ project, which will offer its students an unprecedented study and cultural exchange experience. This initiative, promoted with commitment by the Province of Grosseto, will involve eight talented fourth-grade students, offering them the opportunity to live in the fascinating city of La Coruña and on the island of Malta.
At the same time as organizing the departure of these young people, a special presentation of the Europass diplomas was also held for the students who participated in the Erasmus+ experience last year and who are currently attending fifth grade. Luca Terrosi Vagnoli (5EN), Cerbai Francesco (5BIA), Burroni Blu (5BIA), Fiorini Francesco (5AIA) and Jonathan Lubrano di Giunno (5AIA) were appreciated for their commitment and dedication during this extraordinary adventure . For them, the fascinating destinations of Porto and Valencia proved to be a unique opportunity for personal and cultural enrichment.
The head teacher of the Grosseto Technological Center expressed great satisfaction with the institute's participation in the Erasmus+ project, stating that this initiative continues to offer children the opportunity to live a unique experience. Through interaction with peers from different nations, students have the opportunity to develop an international mindset, acquiring skills and knowledge that will prepare them for a global and constantly evolving future.
The Grosseto Technological Center, continues the DS, is proud to be at the forefront in offering international learning opportunities to its students, in line with the principles of the Erasmus+ project. The school is committed to preparing new generations for an increasingly global future, making available tools and opportunities to encourage the education of students, who have the opportunity to further enrich their learning path and contribute to the construction of a more open and inclusive world. The school, therefore, will continue to be a point of reference in offering international learning opportunities to its students, supporting their personal and professional growth and preparing them for a future full of opportunities.