The regional championship at the Polo was an organizational success

The Manetti Porciatti Technological Center wins the regional Robocup Junior championship in the Rescue Line category. Second and third place Rescue Line for llSIS Valdarno of Sangiovanni Valdarno and fifth place for another team of Manetti Porciatti. The perfectly set-up gym of the Technological Center hosted the regional Robocup Junior championships in the Rescue Line category, robots that completely autonomously follow a path traced by a line with the aim of recovering various objects. A notable effort for the Grosseto institute is that represented by the regional selections, with 47 teams coming from 11 schools in Tuscany.

We are very satisfied both with the results obtained by our teams and with the consensus received from the participants in the regional - the comment of the school director, Claudio Simoni - A perfect organization, made possible thanks to the commitment of teachers and students who left no stone unturned, taking care of all the details and giving participants an unforgettable day. Here in detail are the results achieved by the Polo Tecnologico Manetti - Porciatti with the first place in the Rescue Line Category by the team made up of the students of the V EC, Riccardo Brogli, Stefano Rocchi, Lucia Cortino and Alessandro Di Lorenzo and the 5th position with the IV EC made up of Elisabetta Lapi of IV EC and Matteo Bernardini of 3EN with mentors professors Emanuele Formichella and Daniele Dattrino, while 2nd and 3rd place were won by two teams from Isis Valdarno of San Giovanni Valdarno.

The other Manetti Porciatti teams, placed mid-table, were those made up of Cristian Branca, Leonardo Scoccati, Gabriele Valdambrini, Daniele Lilli, Matteo Sciarra, Samuele Legaluppi, Luca Grill and Raffaele Pellegrino of the III EC.

The Ungaretti Institute of Grosseto instead ranked first in the middle school category.

A demanding and complex organization - explained Professor Daniele Dattrino, curator of the championships - made possible by the collaboration of our students, in particular those of the IV EC who provided impeccable referees together with the coordinator Stefano Rocchi. Now, we will face the national selections in Verbania from 10th to 13th
April participating with two teams, that of the winners of the regionals in the Rescue Line and the multi-titled one in the Soccer section. We applaud our precious partners such as Tosti, Barzagli Generatori, Chimica Edile, Collegio Periti Industriali, Opus Automazione and Elettromar who have always believed in our school and projects
robotics in which we have been engaged for years.

Civil and military authorities were present at the inauguration as well as the Provincial administration with councilor Valentino Bisconti and the provincial school office with professor Maria Grazia Aversa, representing the director Gabriele Marini.