Polo Manetti Porciatti is a leader in innovation


The Manetti Porciatti Technological Center of Grosseto proposes the start of the courses of the project financed by the National Digital Schools Plan entitled "Robotic challenges and strengthening of students' digital skills" for the month of November. There are three locations in Italy involved in this project; the middle and high schools of Catania, San Giovanni Valdarno and Grosseto of which the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center is the lead school.

“With this initiative - explains Professor Daniele Dattino - we aim to design, evaluate and document educational paths for lower and upper secondary schools, based on active learning and structured on challenges, in order to create robots for participation in competitions between groups of students. This path - continues the teacher - will then be proposed by the ministry to all Italian schools as an example of "best practices", in challenging teaching and in the development of digital skills." In practice, cooperative learning and group work will be used, organizing individual activities with methods such as Jigsaw and pinball classroom. The activities will have a laboratory nature and each teaching unit will lead to the creation of a part of the robot and its programming.   The participating Grosseto schools, in addition to the Technological Pole, include the Istituto Comprensivo 6 and 5 of Grosseto. “Great credit must be ascribed - continues Professor Dattrino - to the teachers involved who belong to the Istituto Comprensivo 6, the Polo Tecnologico Manetti Porciatti and the Comprehensive 5.”

The manager of Manetti Porciatti is satisfied,   Claudio Simoni. “This is an initiative that shows the great capacity for relationships that the Center has established with the different levels of the other schools. Furthermore, the funding obtained allowed us to renovate our robotics laboratories   and those of other schools and to create, in collaboration with the spin-off of the Sant'Anna School of Pisa, GREAT-ROBOTICS, i.e. an educational path for the creation of a Robot consisting of 10 lessons each focused on a driving film for middle school students and teachers.   It is understood - concludes the director - that for middle schools that are not included in the network it is still possible to obtain the link to the videos by contacting Professor Dattrino, who I thank for the great work he is doing".