The Polo Manetti Porciatti face to face with the institutions

On March 31st, the 2'C and 2'CAT classes of our Institute visited Palazzo Montecitorio, seat of the Italian Parliament and more precisely of the Chamber of Deputies.

After studying it in class, as it is present in this year's Law and Economics program, the students were able to gain concrete experience of the institutional places where every day our representatives decide the fate of the country: the Aldo Moro Hall, the Lupa Hall , the Queen's Hall, the Women's Hall, the famous Transatlantic, the Gallery of Presidents.

And then the Chamber, designed by Ernesto Basile, full of history and imposing in size, in which the Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies usually meets and where the Chamber and Senate meet in joint session on important occasions, such as the election and the oath of the President of the Republic.