More than 93%. The numbers speak of 36% of students who renounce the teaching of the Catholic religion. The manager denies what was released by the UAAR and published by Il Tirreno

It is true that in the past we had a cute little devil as our symbol, but this does not mean painting the Polo Manetti Porciatti as a super secular school, where the Catholic religion is banned and with it its teaching. Thus the head teacher of the Polo Tecnologico Manetti Porciatti of Grosseto, Claudio Simoni who takes inspiration from the article published by Il Tirreno of Grosseto to clarify. Meanwhile, I would like to underline - he points out - that the single school, i.e. made up of the Porzio Porciatti Industrial Technical Institute and the Manetti Cat, and the overall figure for the entire center is much lower than what is indicated by the UAAR on its website and refers to the Industrial Technical Institute alone, later reported by the newspaper. The article indicates 562 students who do not attend, out of 601 enrolled, when instead the overall number of all the students of the Technological Center who have decided not to attend, preferring, alternatively, to either leave school or carry out teaching and training activities of 267 compared to a school population of 732 individuals. Therefore, the overall percentage of those who opt not to attend religion class is just over 36%, in line with provincial data and not the 93% as published.

In the face of all this, the head teacher asks for a correction and the publication of a new article that reports the reality of the numbers and for the UAAR to verify the reliability of what is published on its website, because it does not correspond, at least in the case in question, to certain data and real.