Polo Manetti Porciatti triumphs and qualifies for the regional phase of Corsa Campestre in Tirrenia


The team of Polo Manetti Porciatti athletes has achieved an extraordinary result, qualifying for the regional phase of Corsa Campestre, scheduled for February 20th in Tirrenia. Led by the talented Matteo Gorni and supported by Anselme Faragli, Pietro Colombo and Davide Borselli, the students demonstrated unparalleled determination and skill on the field.

The path to glory was opened by Matteo Gorni, who not only dominated the provincial stage, but also dragged the team towards victory, demonstrating an exceptional level of preparation and resistance. His impeccable performance not only led Polo Manetti Porciatti to victory, but also gave the team an advantageous position in the next regional phase.

The satisfaction for this extraordinary result is palpable among the teachers and school managers. Prof. Mario Busonero, teacher accompanying the team, praised the commitment and dedication of the students, underlining the importance of team spirit and determination in achieving sporting objectives.

Even the head teacher, Claudio Simoni, expressed his joy and pride for the success achieved by the Polo Manetti Porciatti team. He underlined the importance of sport in the education of young people and promised maximum support for the regional phase, encouraging athletes to continue giving their best.

Qualifying for the regional phase is an extraordinary achievement for Polo Manetti Porciatti, which continues to demonstrate the sporting excellence and commitment of its students. With the support of the school and the enthusiasm of the community, the team is ready to deploy all its talent and determination in Tirrenia, to compete at the highest level and once again bring honor and prestige to their school.