The Polo makes a pact with the business world in the name of robotics


Thanks to the activity that the Institute has started for years and which places it among the best excellences at a national level in the field of robotics, so much so as to collect an enviable palmares and participation in the most important international competitions, numerous synergies have been activated with the business and association world.

To establish this union, students and teachers reported on the activity that led to participation in the Robocup Junior world championship in Bordeaux last July and will lead to the next world championship in November in the Robomission Senior category with the Lego Mindstorms robots at the WRO (World Robot Olympiad) in Panama.

“It seemed right to us - commented the head teacher Claudio Simoni - to give an account of our activity to those who believed in us and whom we will never stop thanking. Students represent the future and betting in them denotes great acumen and desire to grow and get involved and follow us in the next steps, the first of which on March 2, 2024, when we will host the regional Robocup championships, Resque category, can create a further very useful link between school and territory.”

Professors Daniele Dattino and Daniele Benedettelli then illustrated the results of the Robocup Junior World Championship in Bordeaux with the honorable placing in tenth place and the next Panamanian World Championships in November, aided in the illustration by the student Lucia Cortino.

Satisfaction was expressed by the head of the Confindustria Toscana Sud delegation, Giovanni Mascagni, who underlined how "the development of the Maremma entrepreneurial world leads to an increasingly close natural relationship between companies and the world of schools, this being the reservoir from which draw on to fuel and grow innovation and modernity.”

Among the investors present, calling them sponsors would be an understatement, we remember the Rotary Club of Grosseto, whose president Alessandro Antichi commented "those invested in supporting this type of activity are the best spent money of my mandate", the Carlo Berlini Rotarian Association Zoppi with Domenico Saraceno who recalled how "helping the young generations is one of the main aims of the association".

All the companies present, starting from Tecnoseal with the presence of Francesco Andolina, reiterated how this "aid in international competitions raises the level of the school and brings development to the territory", while Andrea Fratoni of Elettromar highlighted the importance of "a company who doesn't look at school is destined to die", a concept endorsed by the Marketing manager of Opus Automazione, Greta Malta for whom "investment in young people is crucial because we absolutely need them".

The president of the College of Industrial Experts, Maurizio Ferri, beamed, while closeness to the students was expressed by the provincial councilor Valentino Bisconti who brought the greetings of the president Francesco Limatola. Among the companies not present that contributed to the robotics projects we remember Tosti, Chimica Edile and Barzagli generatori.

“We would like to strengthen and consolidate the relationship with those who believe in us - concluded the manager of the Technological Pole -, establishing a sort of "training adoption", expressed through constant reporting of the progress and results of our work. An umbilical cord that we are convinced will bring benefits to all involved.”