The Manetti-Porciatti Technological Pole

Choosing which high school to attend is an important life choice: it is therefore best to make it seriously, finding all the useful information.

The scholastic "panorama" of the Province of Grosseto is almost complete: from high schools, to technical, to professional. However, it is clear that some fundamental choices need to be made. For example: are you really sure you [can, want] to continue with university studies? Or perhaps it is preferable to obtain a qualification which, as they say, can be "spended in the world of work"? And if, vice versa, you change your mind and want to continue with university studies, will the general preparation achieved up to then be suitable? These are the first questions that must be answered.

The Manetti Porciatti Technological Center includes technical education courses in the Technology Sector and professional education courses in the Industry and Crafts Sectors as revised by the Reorganization of the second education cycle of 2010:

New Technical Institutes

Technology Sector:

1) Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy

2) Electronics and Electrical Engineering

3) IT and Telecommunications

4) Fashion System

5) Construction, Environment and Territory

New Professional Institutes

Industry and Crafts Sector:

1) Artisanal and industrial production with IeFP courses (Woodworker and Construction Operator)

2) Maintenance and technical assistance with IeFP courses (Mechanical Operator* and Electrical Operator)

The course of study lasts 5 years divided into a common two-year period and a three-year specialization period.

The Technical Institute of Technology, since its establishment, has trained technicians, middle managers, managers and freelancers who have "always" constituted the backbone of the company. For information in this regard it is sufficient to check the organizational charts of the Technical Offices of the Provincial Administration, of the Land Reclamation Consortium, of the Land Registry, of the 28 Municipalities of the Province of Grosseto or consult the lists (about 1,000 members) of the freelancers registered with the College of Surveyors, the College of the Experts (about 500 members) of the Order of Architects and the Order of Engineers of the Province of Grosseto and discover that from the benches of the glorious ITI and ITG...

The first TWO YEARS constitutes the last step of compulsory education and is characterized by the in-depth study and capitalization of "transversal" subjects such as Italian, History, Mathematics, English, the in-depth study of Law, a natural continuation of Citizenship and Constitution, of Chemistry and Physics, also a natural continuation of "Science".

In the three-year period we enter the specialist part of the School where, without abandoning the study of traditional subjects, we are joined by the specialist "address" subjects specific to the individual articulations.

The training offer common to all courses is expanded by Projects, Academies, Internships and Collaborations with various bodies (Centro Fermi, CISCO, Erasmus, Abaco, etc.) through curricular and extracurricular activities.

Are there any special requirements to attend a Technical Institute? The answer is yes. A strong interest in the world of Science and Technology and a natural disposition towards the continuous transformations that that world proposes is required. Translated, it means: being curious and continually testing yourself.
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