The Manetti Porciatti Technological Center hosted by the 4th Stormo

There are many students who were hosted by the military air force, including those from classes 2A, 2E, 4AMM and 4AIA of our institute, who had the opportunity to participate in a guided tour of the Fourth Fighter Wing of Grosseto. Throughout the morning the soldiers assigned to the various sections of the airport explained to the children the environments and the many activities carried out to defend and protect the national airspace and NATO areas. The students also had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of one of the Eurofighters. The 4AMM and 4AIA classes were spectators of a lesson by Professor Paolo Varriale, an expert in the history of the military aeronautics, who told the young people about the figure of Francesco Baracca.

A truly big thank you to the entire Air Force for the welcome and for the attention and care with which they accompanied us.