Job Day at the Technological Center: "At business school... aware and sustainable"

On Wednesday 31 May 2023 , from 09.00 am, the "Manetti Porciatti" Technology Center will host the institute's first ' Job Day ', entitled: " At a business school... aware and sustainable " .

Entrepreneurs and individual professionals will present their activities and personal experiences of corporate management to fourth year students, while in the main hall of the CAT complex there will be a meeting full of speeches from trade associations, the Chamber of Commerce and agencies. public institutions for job placement and Tuscan ITS foundations. All the representatives called to intervene will be involved in the presentation of projects and training courses to be implemented at the Technological Center in the new school year (2023-2024) or in highly specialized post-diploma training.  

The interventions of the professionals will be interspersed with the exhibition of some of the works created by the students of the "Manetti Porciatti" regarding the interministerial project "Saper(e) Consumare" . Girls and boys, both in the two-year and three-year courses, tried their hand at studying and developing innovative proposals regarding the key themes of active citizenship and sustainable consumption ( digital education , consumer rights , sustainable consumption , financial education ) to demonstrate how it is important to learn how to do business... as long as it is done in a conscious and sustainable way! ( )

Given the limited number of seats, the event will be streamed on the school's social channels (Facebook page: ; Youtube channel: ).

Attached is the poster with the Job Day program

Job day poster


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