The Skills Gym

call for selection of support staff.pdf
notice for tutor selection.pdf
Agreement with L'altra Città.pdf
Budget hiring decree.pdf
Decree of publication of the provisional ranking Classroom Tutor.pdf
final ranking decree tutor.pdf
decree publication of ranking provision of support figures.pdf
Determine to enter into a spending commitment for the assignment of Expert Assignments and Additional Figures.pdf
Closing declaration for tutor selection.pdf
Documentation certifying exclusivity.pdf
European Structural Funds PON For schools, skills and learning environments.pdf
Identification of external experts and classroom tutors.pdf
Nomination RUP.pdf
ATA.pdf discovery procedure
Project PON 2999 of 13-03-2017 - The gym of skills.pdf
Internal selection tutor.pdf
Support figures evaluation commission report.pdf
Minutes of the Commission PROVISIONAL TUTOR RANKING LIST.pdf
Final ranking report tutor.pdf
Internal selection procedure closing declaration.pdf
Minutes of the Commission for the evaluation of applications for participation in POn The gym of skills.pdf
letter to families.pdf
Determine to contract.pdf
management and coordination assignment DS.pdf
appoints chair testing commission.pdf
SIGNED_Stipula_Direct Negotiation_934710_531013M CHAIRS.pdf