The keys to the city

With the new school year, the CAT 3A class resumes the "The keys to the city" project started in January 2021 in collaboration with ISGREC.

The main aim of the project is to educate young people in the values of active citizenship, developing their potential as protagonists in the enhancement and protection of the city's cultural heritage.

On Tuesday 28 September the students, from the surveyors branch, returned to the historic center of Grosseto to immortalize aspects and details of monuments and squares with their cameras under the guidance of Professor Elena Vellati and the photographer Luigi Zannetti, ISGREC representatives, and the supervision of Professors Carla Vongher and Vincenzo Di Gennaro, teachers responsible for the project for the Technological Pole.

The next stages of the journey will be the creation of a video documentary and the staging of a photographic exhibition with the material they produced. The video and exhibition will then be presented to the public during an educational and interactive urban game that will be organized by ISGREC by the end of October in the historic city centre.