The Steam Girls at AgriDOC

The students of the Steam Girls group of the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center of Grosseto took part in the first day of AgriDOC, organized in the main hall of the Grosseto University Centre.

This is an initiative promoted by Festambiente Legambiente, as part of the Clorofilla Film Festival and was created thanks to the precious collaboration of: Cinema Stella, Fondazione Polo Universitario Grossetano, Ccibo Maremma, Le vie dell'orto, PuntoZip, GreenMovie film fest, Rome Green Film Festival, DLF Grosseto, Frantoio Franci, The happy forest, Il Fiorino, La Selva, Rustici bio-agricultural company, Sotto al poggio.

The documentary was screened in the morning     Fertile by Alessandro Quadretti, the first Italian documentary dedicated to the world of fruit and vegetables seen by the women who are its protagonists: they represent 70% of the workforce in the sector but never have a voice. The film tells their stories, reveals their identities and desires, adventures and successes but also pain, death and fatigue.

There is a common thread for all of them which is passion, an almost drugged passion for the land and its fruits, and a special bond with a family figure that roots them even more in this work.

It is the story of the love for the land, for nature and for the environment of a group of women who, from north to south, stubbornly joined forces to cultivate equality together.

Accompanying our "Steams" are teachers Betti and Giuliano.