Orientation in middle schools in the province

The orientation activity of the "Manetti Porciatti" Technology Center in Grosseto continues successfully in the middle schools of the province.

While waiting to reach the schools of the municipality of Manciano, professors Teresa Cimino and Carlo Sestini met the students of the two third classes of the Capalbio Comprehensive. During the conversation with the students, to everyone's surprise, the mayor Gianfranco Chelini appeared on a visit with the education councilor, Patrizia Puccini.

The mayor of Capalbio himself, in bringing his personal greetings and those of the administration to the students, reiterated the importance of a choice like that of high school, which is decisive and characterizing for everyone's future. "You are a strategic resource for this territory - he said, addressing the students - and therefore our support and support for your activity will never be lacking."