For Polo students the IGCSE Computer Science exam

It's exam time for 17 kids from the Grosseto Technology Centre, the first in the province to take the IGCSE Computer Science. But they are not just any students: they are following the Web Specialist path, a course of studies that prepares them to become international-level IT technicians.

For four years, the Technological Center has been offering this innovative path, in which computer science is taught with the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology starting from the first year of high school. Thanks to this approach, students acquire not only the necessary technical skills, but also a mastery of the English language that allows them to compete with colleagues from all over the world.

And the results are visible. The students taking the IGCSE Computer Science exam are serious and committed, satisfied with their studies and ready to demonstrate their skills. Their passion demonstrates that the Web Specialist path is a concrete opportunity for those who want to pursue a career in the IT field.

The Grosseto Technological Center is an excellence in the educational panorama and, thanks to the Web Specialist path, offers young people in the area the opportunity to train in a constantly growing field. The 17 children taking the IGCSE Computer Science demonstrate that the choice to follow this course of study was a winning one.

"We wish them good luck for the exam, but also our applause for the commitment shown in these years of study." says the satisfied Headmaster Claudio Simoni, who underlines that "the Grosseto Technological Center and the Web Specialist path are a real opportunity for young people who want to undertake a career in IT and look to the future with confidence".