Mattia lives with us forever


The clean face that frames a mature smile and dark eyes, deep as pins. And an intelligent and active gaze that of Mattia, for many an ideal son, never over the top, attentive and acute, capable of deep and serious reasoning that you don't expect from an 18 year old boy.

Mattia Cappellani passed away on a festive morning. Republic Day, the celebration of Italy and Italians. With him the inseparable motorbike that he loved more than anything else, like the ephemeral sense of freedom that one perceives while riding it. There were just a few days left before the exams which he would face with the commitment that characterized his entire school career at the Manetti Porciatti Technological Centre, from which he would then undertake university studies, such was his passion for Mechanics.

Today his desk is empty, like the sense that his companions experience. Their gazes are lost, turned towards a future without their companion. They will have to work hard for him too. This morning I am at the entrance to the school gates. They put up two banners on the external railing: Hello Mattia, have a good trip 5EN and Mattia lives forever with us. They decide to go up to class, in the 5EN on the third floor of the building in via Brigate Partigiane. Some of them are holding a bouquet of white roses and daisies which they place on the bench occupied for an entire year by their unfortunate companion. With a black marker pen two sentences Ciao Tamarro and Have a good trip Cappe. Then as they entered, they exit. Today their place is not at school, but close to Mattia and his family.


We are experiencing a drama - the comment of the school director Claudio Simoni -. The entire Institute was strongly shaken by what happened. Commenting on these events is unnatural. Losing an 18 year old, son, brother, partner or student is something shocking. We have just remembered another of our students and today we return to mourn a broken young life. The whole school - concludes the director Simoni - is close to the family and we will be so from tomorrow when we will remember him at midday with a minute of silence, but there will be other occasions dedicated to him.