Technological Center and Luxury Tools

Collaborations continue between the Manetti Porciatti Technology Center of Grosseto and the world of Maremma businesses.

In fact, Sergio Bigoni's Luxury Tools , a company specialized in the design, construction and repair of civil, industrial and automotive locks, donated three spools for an ABS filament 3D printer to the Systems Laboratory of the Manetti Porciatti Technology Center in Grosseto.

Not only. At the same company, a student from the 5th class of the Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy course, Gioia Ascione, in the course for Transversal Skills and Orientation, meaning the former School-Work Alternation, is carrying out the task of mechanical designer, thanks to the knowledge acquired in the curriculum regarding the use of solid modeling CAD drawing programs.

“This is a further example - comments the school director, Claudio Simoni - which confirms the attention of the Maremma business world towards our school and our students. I first of all thank Professor Vincenzo Iacobone, in his role as tutor of the PCTO path and then Mr. Bigoni and the Luxory Tools company for their collaboration and willingness to undertake further projects with us. These relationships are fundamental because they allow us to build a network of synergies between the world of work and our students, who often already have an employment path outlined even before leaving school. For this reason - concludes the manager of the Technological Polo - I invite companies that wish to undertake specific PCTO paths with us, to contact the representatives to establish relationships that can bring advantages to all the subjects involved, starting from the students themselves."