first day2

The first day at the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center opened with hopes and awareness.

To welcome the students of the first classes, those who have approached this school for the first time, the school director, Claudio Simoni, the head of Orientation, Teresa Cimino, and some student tutors, in addition to the student component in institute council.

The square in front of the CAT headquarters, in via De Barberi, hosted the families who accompanied their children for this first approach to high school. The head teacher reiterated how “This Institute confirms its great growth, in which the skills and predispositions that the world of work is looking for today are developed. Science, technology, innovation are some of the skills that the world of work is looking for today. Precisely for this reason, investments have been made in the laboratories which have been strengthened and modernized, so as to offer a 360° training hub. Now it's your turn - he said, addressing the new students - you will feel comfortable in an educational school, where serious study is rewarded." Among the rules mentioned, he focused on the fact that each student will have to insert their cell phone in a special pocket upon entering the classrooms. “It is - he said - a choice dictated by the need to facilitate concentration and participation in teaching activities.”

Under the supervision of some teachers involved in Orientation, the new students were called by class by the young three-year tutors and accompanied to their respective classrooms, where, excited by the new experience, they followed their more experienced "colleagues" with curiosity and participation to discover the subjects of the chosen major, the Institute Regulations, the use of the electronic register and the importance of collegial bodies, such as the class assembly. The tutor girls present illustrated the activities of the STEAM Girls project to their new classmates, to which a specific meeting will be dedicated as soon as possible.

Everything took place in a serene and orderly atmosphere until 11am, when the ringing of the bell greeted students and teachers, concluding the "magic" of this first day of school which, as underlined by the principal, "always hides a particular emotion because represents the beginning of a new adventure, full of novelties, stimuli and purposes.”