Citizenship in small steps project: meeting with Marco Omizzolo

On May 23rd, on the occasion of Legality Day, at the Biennio del Polo, the 2A, 2D and 2E classes met the sociologist and writer Marco Omizzolo who with his testimony addressed the issues of legality in the world of work by delving into the chapter of exploitation and gangmastering in the agro-food sector.
Thanks to Arci Grosseto, partner in the project, the students were able to share the extraordinary experience of Omizzolo, who managed to infiltrate for three months, posing as an Indian labourer, in the countryside of the Agro Pontino where gangmastering reigns and to destroy various criminal organizations aimed at exploitation of both Italian and foreign workers. For these merits he was awarded the title of Knight of the Republic by President Mattarella and is currently under guard.
For further information, see the report broadcast on La7 in the Piazza Pulita program at the link below: 0NkKgyf98BQpp= ygUPSSBudW92aSBzY2hpYXZp