Virtual Reality at Manetti Porciatti CAT


WEDNESDAY 23 JANUARY at 10.30 am in the Aula Magna of the CAT Technological Sector Via De Barberi in Grosseto, the presentation of an important innovation of the study path of the technological sector "Constructions, Environment and Territory", new Technical Institute for Surveyors, will take place . The specific training, already organized in order to favor the connection with the other branches of technical education, is enriched this year with a cutting-edge path: VIRTUAL REALITY

The kids who enroll in the CAT will be able to design, create, transform, intervene in the area, develop the furnishings of the house, find the best division of the internal spaces, choosing and organizing all the environments room by room, moving within a virtual space . In practice, everything that is designed on paper can be experienced virtually in three dimensions through the setting up of a special station that will transport spectators into a real albeit virtual world.

The children of the third classes of middle schools in the province of Grosseto, the major city authorities, representatives of the College of Surveyors, the National Association of Building Contractors and the Grosseto Education Superintendent were invited to the event. Participation is open to all