Virtual reality at the Diocesan Museum

On Saturday 23 November, at the end of the Week of Beauty, a virtual reality station was set up inside the Diocesan Museum, with 3D instruments to observe the works of art like never before.

Thanks to the commitment of the professors and young people from the Manetti-Porciatti Technological Center, CAT address (former surveyors) who carried out the project, in the headquarters of the Diocesan Museum, in Piazza Baccarini, all those present were able to have the virtual experience, wearing special 3D glasses that allow you to enter the virtual museum room designed by the students.

In practice, alongside the real experience it was also possible to have a sensorial experience by entering a "parallel" world.

The project was studied and implemented by the students of the cat (construction, environment and territory) branch of the “Manetti-Porciatti” technological center in Grosseto , which recently equipped itself with the most up-to-date instrumentation dedicated to the application of virtual reality in architecture . An innovative form of teaching, which allows students to transform their civil construction projects into immersive experiences, virtually entering the structures they have designed, verifying and modifying them. The students, led by teachers Barbacci, Benedettelli, Calanzone and Di Gennaro, collected "virtually" in a single museum room the 15 works selected by Marcella Parisi, professor of art history, for the path "The Word becomes art ”.

Realtà virtuale al Museo Diocesano