Riccardo will remain with us forever

The manager of the Manetti Porciatti Technology Center, Claudio Simoni, comments: Riccardo will be forever with us. Close to family. Soon a school place will be named after him"

When the whole community school learned the terrible news of Riccardo's sudden death I fell astonished into the deepest dismay deep. Not what happened on Friday was natural last. AND illogical and irrational. But unfortunately we cannot do otherwise, bent on suffering what fate destines for us. A jumble of unanswered questions crowds into my mind. All that remains is the pain of a life prematurely ended and the memory of an intelligent, cheerful, kind boy, a child of his times. Since Often, in these cases we risk falling into rhetoric, as a community Educating, we prefer to move with facts and prospective actions, which perpetuate Riccardo's name in the years to come. Therefore, we thought of naming one of the school's places after him. It seems to us to be a small but tangible gesture so as not to forget it, giving a name and a face to an environment that pulsates with life and in which current and future generations of students are trained and will be trained. I thank the students and all the school staff for being spontaneously close to this family, like this hit hard to the core. I say to his family that we are there and will always be there in Riccardo's memory.

The Superintendent, Dr., joins in the pain of the school and the family. Gabriele Marini, and all the staff of the Grosseto Territorial School Office.