The close link between the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center and middle schools is consolidated

At the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center in Grosseto, given the results and the satisfaction received, a meeting continued for the second consecutive year, in the context of incoming orientation, between the coordinators of the third middle classes and those of the first classes of the Polo, at in order to create a sort of passing of the baton between the previous school year and the current one regarding students who face a high school class for the first time. Thus, with online and face-to-face meetings at the three-year course, a clear example of educational continuity between different school levels was created. “It seemed important to us to repeat this experience - commented Professor Luisa Guerrini, head of Orientation at the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center -, already appreciated in the previous school year because it was capable of building a path of continuity between two different school cycles. We have, in fact, verified how the in-depth knowledge of our new students improves the educational action of our institute and at the same time allows for growth of the entire school system. All the schools, especially the peripheral ones, greatly appreciated this intent, participating enthusiastically in the meetings.” Even the school director, Claudio Simoni expressed satisfaction with this choice. “With the Orientation Commission - he explains - with a view to facilitating the transition of new members to the Campus, we decided to repeat last year's experience, given the indications received which allowed us to enhance the skills of each student, also allowing the acquisition of a personalized learning method.”