Software House Ukraine donates 3D drawing program to CAT

Ukrainian IT company donates design software to the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center in Grosseto, implementing the equipment of the Grosseto Institute.

Students of the Construction, Environment and Territory (CAT) specialization will in fact be able to benefit from one of the most modern and functional software for 3D moderation, the famous and renowned "Live Home 3D" donated to the school by the Ukrainian company specialized in the creation of supports computer scientists for modeling, the “BeLight Software”.

With a letter, sent to the Polo's PCTO representative, Professor Vincenzo Di Gennaro, the company's communications manager, Natalia Stephanova, informed of the possibility of installing the app on 30 computers thanks to the provision of three free codes.

“I'm happy to help! - added Mrs. Natalia - We are waiting for your students' elaborate projects in the spring ! It will be amazing to watch them.” “Live Home 3D - explains Professor Di Gennaro - is a multiplatform home design software that helps anyone create detailed floor plans and 3D renderings.

Easy, precise, quick, you can prepare or furnish a room or an entire house, but also plan the exteriors and adapt the land. This will allow us - continues the Polo teacher - to best develop our educational projects connected to the world of 3D designers and Augmented Reality.

The app, with the lightness of a game, offers unique functions for the construction of houses and apartments requested by professionals. It will be possible to learn the concepts of immersive reality, creating projects, visiting them from the inside and adding any 3D object to the interior design to see how it fits into the room, learning the basics of virtual modeling.”

“We have recently renovated a large part of the Institute's computer laboratories - is the comment of the head teacher Claudio Simoni -, with the aim of offering the best technological equipment to our students. We thank the Ukrainian company for its foresight and attention which, through Professor Di Gennaro, will allow us to benefit free of charge from a powerful, versatile and modern IT tool, which will amplify the preparation of our students in the field of transversal skills, today an essential element for a modern school that fully fulfills its educational and guidance function.”