Psychological support at the Polo

The psychological support project undertaken during the 2020/21 school year in collaboration with Dr. Irene Anzani, psychologist and psychotherapist, continues at the Polo Manetti Porciatti.

The proposed psychological support activities, taking place in line with the strategies adopted by the school and in close coordination with the School Director, have the general objective of creating, with particular reference to the COVID-19 emergency, a space for active listening for students pupils (priority beneficiaries), parents as well as teachers and school staff in order to be able to provide support and guidance towards achieving and/or maintaining a condition of psychological well-being.
The proposed activities are configured as psychological support (not psychotherapeutic) aimed at promoting the bio-psycho-social well-being of pupils in the school community; promote interpersonal skills, promote academic success, harmonize group-class dynamics; promote the inclusion of pupils with different abilities or special educational needs; promote the inclusion of students of different cultures and languages; prevent and intercept any relational problems between students and teachers, school staff and parents; prevent and intercept any psychological problems resulting from the Covid-19 emergency.

All the details of the project in the attached documents.


21_22 O Irene Anzani ITI DEF PROGETTO proroga aprile 2021 .pdf

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