Gender equality within STEAM disciplines

Year after year, the technology hub confirms itself as a protagonist in promoting gender equality in the STEAM disciplines. This year too, the STEAM Girls project proved to be a successful initiative, actively involving girls in orientation and welcoming activities for new students.
The young participants showed great commitment and interest in raising awareness among young people on the topic of gender equality in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. Enthusiastically, they offered their support to the newcomers, creating an inclusive and stimulating environment for all.
Led by professors Sabrina Giuliano and Maria Pia Betti, the girls had the opportunity to participate in the screening of the documentary "Fertile" during the first day of AgriDOC, in the main hall of the Grossetano University Centre.
With prof. Sabrina Giuliano and prof. Gioele Rossi, also explored the profile of two women who have made a fundamental contribution to Science and Technology following the proposal of the InnovaMenti STEM project. Class 2C focused on learning about Grace Murray, a pioneer in computer science, while Class 2CAT explored the work of geologist Marie Tharp, who revolutionized the understanding of the structure of the Earth.
These insights have provided girls with positive and inspirational role models, showing them that they can achieve great things in STEAM disciplines. The work carried out by the 2C Web Specialist class and the 2CAT class was integrated into the STEAM Girls project web page, helping to enrich the material and pay homage to the two women who overcame challenges and opened new frontiers in scientific research.
Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the 2CAT class also participated in the "I thought it was love" event, an important initiative to raise awareness on the topic of gender violence. The event was organized by the VII Territorial Area Office of Grosseto, USP in collaboration with the Grosseto University Center Foundation. Through their involvement in this awareness-raising initiative, the girls demonstrated their support and willingness to fight gender-based violence and promote a safe and inclusive environment for all.
This project continues to demonstrate effectiveness in promoting gender equality and girls' interest in STEAM disciplines. Thanks to the inclusive and stimulating environment created by the project, girls can develop their skills, find role models and share their experiences. These young women, thanks to their commitment, will become agents of change, contributing to innovation and scientific and technological progress in a more equitable and inclusive world.