"A day since..." The project on entrance orientation


Future schoolchildren grow up. The Technological Center lets middle school students experiment with its activities. Before the start of the school year, many children from the second and third grades of secondary schools in the province showed up at Manetti Porciatti to experience fun and engaging activities in some of the school's laboratories. Waiting for them in the computer, mechanical, chemical physics and earth science laboratories are some teachers and student tutors who have developed some experimental activities entitled "A day from...".

So Professor Vincenzo Iacobone introduced them to the intricacies of Mechanics and Mechatronics, having a small cardboard car modeled in 3D designed and built with the Solidworks 2023 program of which the Polo has 80 licenses, while Professors Luisa Guerrini, Sabrina Giuliano, Antonella Minacci and Matteo Ceserani for the IT sector, in Escape Room mode, transformed the young students into little computer geniuses, solving IT puzzles with problems of editing website pages and cybersecurity.


As regards the disciplines of the first two years, the laboratories of the two-year period were the protagonists. Professor Alessandro Ferrari organised, in the Physics laboratory, some experiments on light and the speed of bodies, while Professor Carmine Landi in the Chemistry laboratory proceeded to carry out tests on the Ph of the solutions. In the Earth Sciences laboratory, accompanied by Professor Andrea Lelli, the minerals were recognized.


The Cat sector (Construction, Environment and Territory) with the expert Mario Carri illustrated the project carried out by the architects of the Municipalities in collaboration with the fifth classes of the Cat which led to the construction of the cycle-pedestrian bridge over the Ombrone. Finally, Professor Giovanni Calanzone carried out a laboratory activity in which VR was presented through the use of Oculus viewers.


Together with the teachers, we would like to remind you that the activities were carried out involving some students as tutors. At the end of the mornings at the Polo, a certificate of participation was issued to all participants, valid as an orientation activity. “We are very satisfied with the response received from students and families - commented the school director of the Polo, Claudio Simoni - and the flattering feedback obtained will lead us to focus with more determination on this type of preventive activity for canonical orientation, in which there is greater involvement of students and families, allowing them to make the choice of their future school path in an even more conscious manner, which then inevitably becomes a life path. For this I thank the person in charge of Orientation, Professor Teresa Cimino and all the teachers involved who volunteered to carry out the laboratory activities."

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