A project to eliminate architectural barriers given to the province by the Polo

The feasibility project and the metric calculations for the removal of architectural barriers in the Via De Barberi complex of the Manetti Porciatti Technological Center were delivered to the president of the Provincial Administration, Francesco Limatola.

The delivery took place in the presence of the school director of the Polo, Claudio Simoni, by the students of the CAT (surveyor course) and IT technicians evening courses who developed a feasibility project for the adaptation of the school building that houses the headquarters of the three-year period and of the evening courses.

“This is a project - explained Professor Gianfrancesco Santagati, responsible for the Evening Courses and the design, construction and systems course - born from the school's participation in the eleventh edition of the National Competition training project “Future surveyors design accessibility” , organized by FIABA Onlus and the National Council of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is drawn up by the students of the evening course during the school year. This school-work experience of theirs, which involved and stimulated them in a "planning for all", was aimed at social inclusion and equality while respecting human diversity, attentive to the needs, requirements and desires of people."

The students in fact took over the school building, carried out a needs analysis and designed their proposals, quantifying the costs of the interventions. A practical and suitable experience for the exercise of their future profession, which had the support of Surveyor Cristina Catocci of the Provincial College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors.

“Once again our school demonstrates great attention to the themes of inclusion and inclusiveness - was the comment of the head teacher, Claudio Simoni - but also a strong propensity to develop projects that have practical and operational results and which we have willingly given up to the Province.”

For his part, President Limatola thanked for the work done and announced structural interventions and the removal of architectural barriers according to specific priorities, first of which the lift, allocating a figure of 100 thousand euros in the budget being approved. “A school like yours is an excellence that deserves great attention, also for the retraining opportunities offered by the evening courses which are having growing success and positive feedback from the Maremma community.”

In the presence of the technical director of the Province, Gianluca Monaci, of the President of the Provincial College of Surveyors and Graduate Surveyors Geom. Patrizio Sgarbi, the students of the evening surveyors course   they illustrated the work carried out by detailing the various interventions proposed: the installation of a lift, the adaptation of the school's toilets, the creation of sensory paths, the study of the internal and external school spaces as an integrated learning environment composed of functional elements, consisting of a group space, informal space, individual area and area for exploration, while the students of the evening Computer Science course who demonstrated a personal signaling system synchronized with the bell system, created via a special APP for smartphones, conceived and designed to provide alerts to students with sensory disabilities.

“I am happy with these training experiences - is the final reflection of Professor Santagati   — because they are capable of offering a moment of awareness on the problem of architectural barriers, considered by many to be an obstacle and not a stimulus for innovative design.”