Public relations office

The Director Prof. Claudio Simoni

receives teachers on Fridays (9-11 am), parents and students on Wednesday morning, all by appointment, to be agreed with the Front Office of the head office , directly or by calling 0564484511. The Director can also be contacted by writing to

The Collaborators of the School Director

Prof. Pietro Minutolo and Prof. Emanuela Lorenzoni receive during office hours by appointment

The Teachers

Teachers receive students' families from November to May.

The office calendar was given to each student and can also be downloaded among the attachments

The Director of General Administrative Services Rag. Fabio Pescini

receives during office hours

The Secretariat

the offices are open from Monday to Saturday, from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

The Technical Office

(Prof. MINUTOLO and Ass. DI RESTA) receives the Representatives, Suppliers, various users, from Monday to Friday, during office hours (9.00-13.00).