Evening course

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At the Technological Center it is possible to enroll in the free evening course.

The following addresses are available:

  • IT and Telecommunications
  • Construction, Environment and Territory
  • Mechanics and Mechatronics

The Evening Course DIploma is recognized at ministerial level.

The Evening Course uses advanced technologies and platforms for teaching such as: Google Workspace, Edmodo, Ted Lesson.

  • The courses are divided into "short weeks", from Monday to Friday and on the basis of a flexible timetable.
  • For those who cannot move from home, online lessons are organized for up to 20% of the total lessons.
  • Computer and electronics laboratories are planned.
  • The classrooms are all equipped with IWB
  • The Technological Center recognizes the school years that you thought were lost

For more information you can contact:

The Technology Center (tel. 0564 484511 - email: gris01100x@editore.it)

Prof. Gianfrancesco Santagati (email: gianfrancesco.santagati@polomanettiporciatti.edu.it)

Prof. Claudio Paoli (mail: claudio.paoli@polomanettiporciatti.edu.it)